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Roleplaying for Over Nine Years


SEA Website | SEA Youtube Channel | SEA Wiki



Dune Sea Enterprises is the SEA Republic guild within Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic MMO. It is an epic campaign in which individuals from all species and backgrounds have been plummeted into an insidious plot that may threaten all of the known galaxy. With their lives on the line, these individuals stop at nothing while investigating plots, facing challenges and exploring worlds and alien cultures while still getting home on time to manage their centre of operations, the outpost of Outmian Hasa.



For Roleplayers

Your journey with the Dune Sea Enterprises begins with the character of your choosing, being from any background imaginable in the SWTOR setting from merchants, entertainers to Republic officers, coming into contact with our story campaign. A dark tide is rising and somebody must brave the current of chaos and grotesqueries that would sweep the galaxy away.


SEA has had an early presence on the Progenitor server at game launch and we have returned recently in 2014 to participate in the new chapters ahead for SWTOR. SEA was formed in 2005 in SWG (Chimaera) and we have grown to become a community which has been consistently lead by the same leader since it's formation.




We are a mix of both veteran and new players to the MMO genre and we are a friendly and social guild. We run regular RP plots as well as PVE events such as flashpoints and you will find people willing to help with quests too. Roleplay is our main focus though and we do not consider ourselves raiders or hardcore PvEers. We set no requirements on gear or profession. We currently have an age limit of 16+. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable and helpful online environment and to help promote our community spirit.



The Seaverse

The contraction of SEA (our guild tag from SWG) and universe. It represents the lore we create in our RP and history as a community. Every single member can contribute and a find a place in our story. Our Game-Masters have years of experience and keep plotlines setting-appropriate. You can find more information about our style of roleplay here.




Our peak playing times for events and activities are between 19:00 GMT and 23:00 GMT.












Do you want to learn more about us? Check out the SEA Website.

We also have a SEA Youtube Channel and a SEA Wiki.

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