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Bulo can do the Waddle and other musings (Plus Query)

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I will start with musing: tanking Bulo (HM) one of our tanks that was far away taunted and Bulo instead of pointing at him, started to waddle over to him and went like 15 meters. I was to shocked to take pics was weird. Was wondering if anyone else has seen the Bulo Waddle


Now for query: While Volley is ranged based of ~10 meters, we noticed that our other tank when he has aggro doesn't get it despite everyone huddling up at the beginning. Is this to prevent the controlling of adds spawn. Curious

Also we have DPS run barrels in a rotation, is this a wise idea? It seems to work but was wondering how prudent it is considering on our second run it took the same amount of pulls.

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Ok I'll be honest and say that I do not understand the majority of your post.

However I did get the dps barrel runner part.


The way my group does it is have tank take the first barrel. Dps take 3rd, 5th, 7th etc adds with barrel.

We let tank take first so all dps can go all out in the opening. Appearently the adds spawn on health percentages and we noticed that the fight syncs well if we get bulo below 70% when we reach first mass barrage. We also use adrenals and all raid buffs to push him as far as possible.

We have been downing Bulo consistantly with this tactic.



EDIT: just noticed your sig. If you have a tactic that works for your group then do not question it :p

There is not just one specific tactic or a right way and a wrong way (except when people use exploits).

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this post does seem like it was translated by google translator :)


but it did happen to us yesterday. Bulo was running towards tanks and blue circle dropped on the sniper that was 4.7 meters away. We were all stacked on the boss.


Actually it was written by a very tired Native speaker who tried to execute some wit but failed horrible. I apologize for this atrocious assault on the English language.


The part about Bulo walking I just found funny and I never saw it before.


My questions were: 1) When purple volley circle goes out, can it go out to the person who has current aggro (i.e. main tank). Our strategy (now modified) has been to have everyone stack on boss with tanks on opposite sides. 15 seconds in we have one tank take highest threat and run to the right side door to make pirates spawn. However, although he is farthest away he doesn't get the volley circle even if everyone else is right up Bulo's *** and off tank is humping his shoulder.


2)Does having DPS run barrels in a rotation a good strategy to free up tanks to hold aggro (First barrel is always by the tank trying to spawn camp the pirates in the first wave as stated above). Was asking as we sometimes end up with a DPS dying to adds.


I've only run Ravagers HM twice and both times we have cleared Bulo but it took us the same amount of pulls to kill him the second time (6 pulls). Sparky we can one shot in our sleep.


Hope that clears things up a bit, apologies again. If not please revoke my English language license :p

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