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Broken - multiple q'ing since todays patch.


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Disregard. It is working now as solo but when I was grouped with a friend only 2 levels below me it wouldn't work.


You have always been able to solo- queue for both GSF and WZs at once.

As a group, you have never been able to queue for both GSF and WZs at once.


Two four man groups join both GSF and WZ queue roughly at the same time! Eight players in match maker, wow so busy such people. Both a WZ and GSF pops at once. Since all 8 people have come to realize GSF is best part of the game, obviously both groups join the GSF match. - - >WZ pop that thought it has 16 people joining now has only 8 people in-game.



Doing FPs is not among things I'd ever consider a fun way to spend my free time so no idea how it is/has been if you throw the PvE group finder to the mix.

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Can you list in the group you're referring to for pvp or fp's?

Or is pvp completely not listable in your group?


In a group we can q for either pvp or fp's but not both. First one you q is fine but when you bring the other option up the q as solo or group is grayed out.

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