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The Harm of Color Crystals in PVP


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A word on Crystals and PVP


Keep the following things in mind, the bolster system evens the playing field for lower level and keeps lower level armor viable at upper levels.


When you have put your set together for PVP the last thing you will want to add to the set is Color Crystal to your weapons and or shields. In fact you will want to start off building your set without any Color Crystal in the main hand or off hand items.


NOTE: Your finding will be as follows.

1. You may not even need or want to put a Color Crystal in your weapon or end up using a much lower level one then you would had normally expected to.


2. You will find that Expertise Crystal will do you harm. (System seems to be broken in this area)


** The use of an Expertise Crystal will always cause a diminished return where the Bolster system is in effect.

Reserve the use of them in non PVP environments.


Example: Standing nude with only a main hand weapon on.

1. Aim = 1788 / Endo = 1778 / Expertise = 171 (bolstering) No Color Crystal

2. Aim = 1788 / Endo = 1778 / Expertise = 89 (bolstering) Color Crystal +41 Expertise



The key is to find balance in your stats and not reduce the maximum amount of Expertise you should be receiving.


It’s very likely your endurance stats are maxed or close to it and the use of an Endo-Crystal will only cause a diminished return and hurt you’re over all Expertise.


Your crit- stat is the 2nd most important stat to be mindful of in PVP. If using 162 armor sets you may want to conceder using Crit- Crystals but if that cap has also been reached along with Endo, then use a Power Crystal as there is not a diminished return on Power.


You can do your testing at the Bolsterizer at Fleet.


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