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Can't get in to Phase


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So I came back for the 7 day free trial and finished the Revan story. I wanted to try doing it with my Powertech but it will not let me in to get the quest for the first mission on Typhon. The door is all red. Cant get into the "phase". Can you not do the mission chain more then once? I wanted to try doing it on the Imp side...


I tried reclogging and resetting the phase...kind of stuck.

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Right, I did it with my Trooper, and now want to do it with my Powertech, but it wont let me in...


Ohhh. That is different. :p


There's a droid in the outer ring area on Vaiken Spacedock that should give you the breadcrumb necessary to kick-in Forged Alliances and eventually Shadow of Revan.


If you left-click on it, it should read something like "Prelude to Shadow of Revan" in its identification.


I can't remember where he is exactly but again, outer ring on Vaiken Spacedock, near one of the four elevators leading up to other areas in the station.

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