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The Order of Shadow Knights is looking for you!


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The Order of Shadow Knights is recruiting new members! We are a easy-going casual guild looking for Imperial players that are interested in hanging out together and enjoying in-game time with one another. We are mostly a PvE and PvP guild that does a very small amount of individual RP. We have many active members but are always looking for more!


What we offer:

10% Bonus to XP and Reputation

Guild Bank and Stronghold

Raidcall Channel (not required unless you are wanting to run Ops with us)

Ops Master


What we're looking for:

Crafters are always a bonus!

Anyone looking for a PvP group or an Ops Group


How to join:

Send an in-game message to one of our officers!

Raveonette, Xargaa, Phantom'Menance, Zernebog or fill out an application on our guild website:

Order of Shadow Knights


Also check out my SWTOR Blog: Zerneblog

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