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Returning Assassin Tank...


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Hey all,


I started playing this game on release day but for various reasons didn't really last as long as I'd have liked before cancelling my sub. When it went F2P I tried to come back, but honestly didn't really have a clue what was going on, and again didn't really stick around long. But now I'm going to try and return again, I'm subbed for 60 days at least and want to get back to my old main character, rather than start over.


Problem being I've got no idea what I'm doing with that character.


I'm a 31 or 32 Assassin Tank, having reinstalled the game my toolbars are now a mess, and I've no idea what I need on my toolbars and what is less important or not needed at all.


Can anyone help me out and point out my main 'Rotation' abilities, my short cool downs, my long cool downs, what is important enough to be on my toolbars but not important enough to be rotational or a cooldown and what just plain doesn't need to be on there. And also what my main stats will be and what companion I'm best using while levelling.


All help is greatly appreicated! Though I'm sure I'll have more questions before long!


(PS I'm a very long term WoW player, so if its easier comparing abilities to WoW feel free!)

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Here's a guide that could probably help you out. Just realize that you don't have everything yet because it's meant for level 60, but it does a decent job explaining what abilities are core to your rotation and what are useful outside of that. Edited by Aelanis
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