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Mara Leveling Spec ???


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Some "interesting" advice being given here.


Anyway OP the best to way to look at it is how the specs function and how that would transfer over to leveling (killing lots of mobs of various strength and numbers)


Carnage: Highest burst, below average AOE, Decent Sustain, average rage management.

Fury: Highest AOE, Great burst, Decent Sustain, Easiest rage management, best target swapping

Annihilation: Highest Sustain, below average burst, hardest rage management


So tbh its quite clear which SPEC would be the most useful when leveling (it's also the best one for endgame dailies). However if you ever come across a gold or boss you cannot defeat Anni would be the best. For lowbie flashpoints personally i would say it doesnt matter stay in the spec your in but some would argue that carnage or anni is also "optimal"

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