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Weekly ToFN Starfighter Night: Sunday 20:00 GMT


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Each Sunday at 20:00 GMT Stroke my Wookie and Tangra's Legends put a side a few hours to queue as many of our pilots as possible. We also have our friends in other guilds join in so we usually have 4-7 groups of mixed skill levels. During the week most of us fly solo or in small groups so by picking a single night to focus on we have a better chance of forming larger groups where we can fly against each other.


Our goal is to expand our servers Starfighter community so we have more pilots to fly with which will mean more frequent pops so please join the Starfighter queue and come fly with us any day of the week but especially Sunday. This won't be solid pre-made expert groups vs total rookies. We always try to ensure a good mix of skill levels within our groups and several pilots switch to the opposite faction if things get too unbalanced.


Starfighter PvP does have a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it you will love it. A good match is reward enough but there are also lots of achievements, some awesome legacy titles and you can buy cool ship decorations using the fleet commendations you receive.


Starfighter Legacy Titles

  • Wing Commander
  • The Space Magnate
  • Reinforcement Specialist
  • The Devastator
  • The Most Valuable
  • Medalist
  • Fleet Admiral
  • Space Ace
  • The Grease Monkey-Lizzard


How To Join In

Just give a shout out in the /pvp channel to let people know you are queuing. There is a GSF custom chat channel in both factions that you can join with each of your characters by typing /cjoin GSF into the chat window. It's great for reaching out to pilots across the whole faction who are not in your general chat area although I believe solely using a custom chat channel which most people don't see lowers the visibility of GSF and people forget it's there. The best thing is to use both channels. Just type /pvp Anymore for Starfighter PvP? and then /4 Anymore for Starfighter PvP? That's all it takes and even if they don't want to group, they know others are queued and might join solo, I know there's at least one awesome lone wolf out there ;)


By the regulars showing people that we're actively queuing we will encourage them to join in which will help our queue times and more importantly we will help some future pilots discover a part of the game they really enjoy and didn't know existed :)


Think You're Too Crap?

Sod that, you never learn if you don't try. Sunday is a great night to queue as you will get frequent pops which means it's a quick way to upgrade your ships plus several of the servers best pilots will be there so you get the opportunity to fly with them and watch what they do then ask questions afterwards. You could also check out Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide which covers absolutely everything about GSF.


I encourage all pilots to answer any questions you see pop up. As alien as it feels, there really is no harm telling people your ship builds as the best pilots tailor their ships to their play style anyway, telling ppl your build gives you the opportunity to explain why you made those choices. Worst case scenario is you end up helping some total rookie develop into an expert and we have another great pilot to fly with, damn you :w_big_grin:


Tomb of Freedon Nadd Aces

In Stroke my Wookie we have a rank called "Alpha Company" for the very best at both PvP and GSF. This is a mark of distinction that only a few people are worthy of. These are players that can join a match solo and turn the entire tide of war. The only way to join the Alphas is to prove yourself in combat and be invited by the current members.


To expand upon this idea I present the "Tomb of Freedon Nadd Aces", the best pilots across both factions on our server. These are the people to watch and if you see them asking for groups then definitely try and join them. Some of the aces have GSF streams you can watch by clicking on their names below so you can see what it looks like from their point of view.


:sy_empire:The Tomb of Freedon Nadd Aces :sy_republic:

        Alterego-xv            Angelhell            [url=https://www.youtube.com/user/themidrashim/videos][color="White"]Aryano[/color][/url]               Aurellan                   Chobinica              Expert             Georgewhite  
          Red-Alert                 Aris                  [url="http://www.strokemywookie.com"]S.M.W[/url]        [url="https://www.facebook.com/groups/724216134276041"]Tangra's Legends[/url]              [url="http://www.strokemywookie.com"]S.M.W[/url]                                         [url="http://just-wipe-it.enjin.com"]Just Wipe It[/url]

          [url="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUoMzXdc2yMKg1e_z1nZLpw"][color="White"]Kalessian[/color][/url]                Mulvihill              Murinda              Neutrinos                 Nicksw             Penetrator'cz              Sevt
            [url="http://www.strokemywookie.com"]S.M.W[/url]         Wayne Enterprises       [url="http://www.strokemywookie.com"]S.M.W[/url]                 [url="http://www.strokemywookie.com"]S.M.W[/url]                                            [url="http://darklords.n-art.cz/forum/"]The Dark Lords[/url]

                                              Svilena                          Urg                          [url="http://www.twitch.tv/strokemywookie"][color="White"]UlaVii[/color][/url]                          [url="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8hLNLhEFQ2IdJwDOU1beg"][color="White"]Vospirus[/color][/url]
                                            [url="http://www.outbreak-guild.shivtr.com"]Outbreak[/url]                     [url="http://www.outbreak-guild.shivtr.com"]Outbreak[/url]                    [url="http://www.strokemywookie.com"]S.M.W[/url]                    [url="https://www.facebook.com/groups/724216134276041"]Tangra's Legends[/url]


Starfighter Queue Pop Frequencies

Mon-Fri Daytime - up to 30 minutes (busier after daily reset)

Sat-Sun Daytime - up to 15 minutes

Mon-Sun 17:00-23:00 GMT - Busy time, usually pops in less than 15 minutes

Mon-Sun 23:00-00:00 GMT - Usually 30-60 minutes range

Mon-Sun 00:00-05:00 GMT - Can be waiting hours

Mon-Sun 05:00-08:00 GMT - Up to 30 minutes as people queue before work/school/hustling :)

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Ha good catch, sorry about that. Must of messed it up when I added the last couple of people, updated this post and the one in the GSF forum. I'll go and update the actual text for that one later in the week when I get some more free time.
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