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LF Casual Raiding Guild (Empire)


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If that even exists.


My definition of causal:


-may or may not use a parse but the numbers it produces are not the be all end all of the raid

-no DKP or similar system

-still does 'Classic Ops'

-still willing to take the time to train new/returning players (that's me)


I am a recently returned player, hoping to find some people to do HM FPs, classic Ops with as well as get into the new stuff.

I have 4 level 60 empire toons, Sorc, Merc (DPS but willing to change) Operative healer, Jugg tank (my tanking skills need work)


In game names: Midyir, Mid'yir, Midyi'r, M'idyir



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The <Black Widow Company> is a veteran-owned, award-winning, multi-gaming community which has been successful for over ten years, primarily in first person shooters and MMOs. In that time we have built a solid reputation in online gaming as a community that believes in integrity, fair play, dedication, and teamwork. You can expect a highly organized unit with a mature and professional gaming attitude. We are competitive; we're in this game for competition and fun and we support a diverse range of play styles. We provide content for casual and progression Raiders, casual and competitive PvP and Galactic Starfighter, as well as maintaining an environment conducive to general fun in less organized play styles.


There is no level, gear, or experience requirement for joining BWC. We run in-house trainings that will allow each member to advance in skill and understanding as far as they are willing to push themselves.


BWC is primarily Imperial and currently hosts progression raids on most nights; 7:30 pm to 9:30pm EST and to Midnight EST. On our non-raiding nights of the week, we run everything from PvP Ops to Trainings. We have a guild flagship, 10% Rep/XP bonuses, and consistently place in the conquest leaderboards.


Our team motto is “ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT”, and we apply that mentality in every game we play, and to everything we do, without risking or compromising our desire or our ability to have fun at the same time. We invite you to discover what makes us different for yourself.


To begin your journey, please feel free to send me a PM here or visit our website: http://the-bwc.com/

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Lol...was waiting just for you guys BWC.


No thanks.


Your entry requirements are ridiculous, especially for a guild supposedly run by people with your back ground. I would expect more understanding toward real life requirements.

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BWC always strives to provide the best quality community for those willing to commit. Our entry requirements are there to help ensure that new members do not feel lost or overwhelmed when they first join us, as our community infrastructure and organization is very advanced and unique. Timewise, our entry requirements take less than two hours in total to complete over a two week period, and you're done for life.


We have over 1,000 active members in our community spread over all of our games, and our entry requirements is only a small part of our success with 12+ years of gaming excellence.


I understand that BWC's requirements might seem daunting at first, but I urge you to give us a shot if you want a dedicated and committed officer core, and the best gaming brothers- and sisters-in-arms you could ask for.




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<Chaøs> Now Recruiting Progression Raiders and Pvpers. If interested in joining our guild for Raiding. Know that the schedule is a total of 4 days a week. Tue, Wed, and Thurs, with Monday as a clean up day.

If seeking to join for PvP Know that we expect you to be vocal in Mumble. Especially When We Start Team Ranked Matches.

Returning Players Welcome.

Respond to post or contact Soulx,Førce,Ragrok or any <Chaøs> member in game on Empire Side

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Hey Midyir,


Welcome back to the community!


I think Sith Imperial Navy may be a good fit for you. We are a very casual-midcore guild with a small close knit community and we're always looking for new members. Our raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays at 9:00-12:00 server time. All our raids are on a first signup, first serve basis. Currently our progression is at the current hard mode content but we typically do set a night or two aside for story mode content as well. We also run various other content throughout the week (pvp, gsf, flashpoints, etc.).


We do use parsec for our raiding, and request all members use it as well but it won't keep you out of the raid. We like everyone to be able to see where they stand and enjoy helping them achieve greater results through mentoring and training. We do not have a DKP system, however, we do use a suicide kings system for progression gear. That is, pretty much only hard modes now. For story modes and classic ops we use round robin (need vs. greed). You'll also be happy to know that we do still run classic operations as well. Typically run on Sundays, but if enough interest is generated,we may do it on one of our raid nights. We have a nice variety of classes, roles, and play styles that would also be happy to assist you in learning new classes and specs.


If you're interested or have any questions check us out at the link in my signature. All that's required is a very short and simple application. You can also catch me in game on any one of the names listed in my signature, or shooting my mouth off in fleet chat.

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