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My list of class leveling improvements


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Intro: I don't know where to put this, so I'll leave it here for the maximum visibility. Mods, if you do move it, please erase this intro, ok? Thanks!


It'd be AWESOME if someone posted this on swtor.com forums because I can't right now. And I feel as if this is a rather nice and important thing:


So...disciplines! It's either love it or hate it! I personally love it because it allows them to make gameplay MORE FUN, MORE EARLY. Without breaking balance. It could also allow them to add additional disciplines to classes as time flies. Are they perfect? Depends from disc to disc. Some are VERY FUN to play VERY EARLY, others you have to level right into new expansion to get a core passive(WRONG DESIGN!). So this is what I set out to do. I rethinked the whole discipline concept by moving passives and even actives around. These are features of this revamp:


-> it empowers players and let's them have more fun more early and to actually l2p with nigh full rotation.


-> it is inspired by a typical MOBA build of CORE-EXTENSION-LUXURY. In other words in three acts.


-> it also moves base class skills where necessary.




Act I: Core of the discipline


Act II: Extension of the discipline


Act III: minMAX of the discipline


So onto it!




Tactics: Core of this skill is rather neatly done and so is the whole discipline. I just fine tuned it to be a bit more bursty and HIB oriented. Oh and its HIB now ignores only 40% armour.


Act I: TacPulse -> High Friction Bolts -> Grenadiership -> Tactical Accelator -> Serrated Blades(it only causes stockstrike to sunder now) -> Plastique -> Hyper Assault Cell


the big news here is the inclusion of all these HIB modifiers during act I(it really is a core of Tactics, face it) and THE ADDITION OF HAC!


Act II: Havoc Training -> Refl.Shield -> Shock Absorbers -> Gut


this act just finishes what was started in act I with HT and then proceeds to make you more tanky and rounded up.


Act III: Triumph(as is + HIB refunds 5 energy when it hits a target with a Gut DoT present), the rest here is the same as is on live


PlasmaTech: Core of this discipline is the synergy between free Ion Pulses/Explosive Surges, Pulse Gen and all the skills you get as you level. There are some big changes here.


Act I: Inc.Round -> Ionised Ignition(it's a combo of current II and SuperHeated Plasma{also gives +33% dps to Plasma Cell}) -> Plasma barrage -> Assault Frame -> Pulse Gen -> Fire Pulse -> Cell Gen


this discipline was FUBARd by 3,0. At least the act I segment was. On live you get 2 useful skills instead of semi full tools: Inc.Round and Cell Gen. Everything else is fluff. The biggest change comes on level 16: YOU GET PLASMA BARRAGE! That lvl 56 passive that gives you free Ion Pulses! Shortly after you get Pulse Gen which neatly finishes this core build alongside the Fire Pulse.


Act II: Plasma Augs(replaces Riot Augs and is shifted from Tactics -> +5% Ele dmg{10% would be too much no?}) -> Heated Tools -> Rain of Fire -> ShockStrike


this act neatly continues what act I started


Act III: Insulated Augs -> Plasma Assault -> Adr. Fueled -> *NEW PASSIVE* -> Plasmatise -> Burnout


typical minmax of yore. Nothing fancy


Shield Specialist: This one is mostly the same.


Act I: Ion Storm -> Ion Overload(mixed with Static Storm) -> Power Armour -> Pulse Engine -> Power Screen -> Energy Blast -> Static Surge


it is just an optimised version of live discipline. You get your tools of trade(P.Arm/St. Surge)


Act II: Static Shield -> Shield Enhancers -> Shield Cycler -> Riot Gas


there is one big change here and it is shield enhancers. There is really NO reason for it to be as late as lvl 59.


Act III: Soldier's Grit -> Deflective Guards -> Ceramic Plating -> Ion Shield -> *NEW SKILL* -> *NEW PASSIVE* (modifies new skill)


Every class should get a new skill. It's an EXPANSION FFS!


Base class skill: Everyone gets Storm! Rejoice! Concurrently, Charge the Line utility is nerfed to +30% ms.




Bodyguard: The only thing that needs changes here are the damn animations! ENOUGH FKKIN SCANS! What am I a shipping officer or a Bounty Hunter?


Act I: the same


Act II: the same


Act III: the same


they pulled this one nicely.


Innovative Ordnance: Besides the obvious and upcoming nerf to this discipline(sadly, but deservedly), here are the changes.


Act I: Inc.Missile -> SuperHeated Gas -> Collateral -> SuperHeated Shot -> Volatile Warhead -> Mag Shot -> Innovative Particle Accelerator


the inclussion of Volatile Warhead and Mag Shot could prove to be interesting. I don't think anyone will cry for sweltering.


Act II: Power Barrels -> Relentless Ordnance -> Flaming Wound -> Thermal Detonator


T.D is put back as compared to live, but it's all to good measure(MagShot powered by IPA is WAY MORE IMPORTANT + you've got Expl.Dart anyhow). Also you get Flaming Wound to get introduced to the advanced nuances of Inn.Ord.


Act III: Ordnance Expert -> Rapid Venting -> Degauss -> Sweltering Heat(now slows for 50%) -> Serrated Shot -> Speed to Burn


Mostly the same with inclussion of sweltering(face it, it belongs in minmax tier).


Arsenal: I had all kinds of difficulties designing this one. On one hand, I prefer when the new skill is a part of expansion. On the other hand, it's a hell to do it diffierently than I've done. meh. Hope you'll like it.


Act I: Tracer Missile -> Target Lock -> Barrage -> Terminal Velocity -> Light em up! -> Priming Shot -> Ironsights


very fun if you ask me. Yes, I had to putthe new skill in act I because it's JUST A PART OF CORE ROTATION! You also get Barrage which you previously got at...40(16 now!). So at 32 you'll just use Priming -> Tracer -> Unload for really fun, if repetitive gameplay(hey Arsenal was always easyand repetitive)


Act II: Burst Mode -> Target Tracking -> Riddle -> Heatseeker Missile


you get burst mode shortly after you get SuperCharge Gas. This'll hopefully allow Arsenal to diferentiate itself from other disciplines while leveling. Heatseeker you do get later than usual, but: Priming is just more important and Priming just deals more dmg(or equal meh). Hence the advantage went to priming.


Act III: Blazing Barrels -> Pinning Fire -> Decoy -> Power Launcher -> Blazing Bolts -> Blowback


I am against Blazing as a lvl 56(expansion) skill btw. But it'd be nigh impossible to do it any other way and BB is just a minmaxed version of Unload (a cheaper alternative that deals 107% of Unload's dmg... meh {ie: +7% dmg} ). Everything else fits nicely into minmax tier.


Basic class skills: Upgraded Arsenal passive you now get @ lvl 14. So no more interrupts! REJOICE! Jet Boost is on lvl 38 otoh. I feel as if that passive is just to important to be placed so late-doubly so on a class that doesn't get a tank(or a melee dps for that matter!) until Act II !


So that's it! I'll continue at a later date with other disciplines optimisations. Don't worry! They're already taken care of and written down :p


So. What are your thoughts? Comments? Criticisms? Bioware's Disciplines or mine? Insults will be welcome as well(I've been feeling kinda maso as of late :p >.< ).


p.s. I've done this so everyone of YOU could have MORE FUN! You'll get the rest of the classes afterwards. It's really for the best that each class with its ACs gets its post...


edit: we don't need to redesign Vanguard so massively, but I hope you get the idea. It really has got promise. We don't need to redesign it at all tbh, then we would just switch positions of the passives which I switched. No biggie.

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You sure you read it all? You'd rather get Gut than Tac Pulse at 10?


He doesn't care to read anything, but rather troll the boards and raging about slot machines whining, even when most people have already moved on.


Just ignore him really -- figuratively or literally. ;)

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He doesn't care to read anything, but rather troll the boards and raging about slot machines whining, even when most people have already moved on.


Just ignore him really -- figuratively or literally. ;)


What do you think DW?

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I don't read that fast. Apologies. :o


Yeah, it's HUGE AND it takes time to form your opinion. Please do notice the edit ;) . Take your time.


I value the opinions of people like you, oddbal, kwerty(hello come over here!), Aelanis etc in the highest regard. I'd really like to get kwerty(tac e moosie?)'s reply to this particular set of improvements...

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