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Why is Valour lvl 50?


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I mean as if the nerfs and blatant ignoring isn't enough, with 3,0 they ninja nerfed Sentinels even further by bumping Valour from lvl ~12 to lvl 50(!!!). I mean, *** Bioware? Valour has been crucial to fun gameplay of Sentinel while leveling and currently Sentinel is like a weak version of Guardian(end game could be debated, but while leveling there is no dispute.). Not only that, but catch this one:


Zen(Shii-Cho): 4 focus + 8 focus regained

Combat Focus(Shii-Cho): 6 focus + 6 focus regained


Uhmmm...right! Not only do Guardians get that Combat focus modification earlier and yeah. Guardians AGAIN get the better side of the deal!


tldr: Please Bioware, put Valour at lvl 25 at the latest! It's really important that Sentinels get new blood who know how to play. And they won't if Valour and hence Zen rotations and the whole secondary resource doesn't matter until level 50!

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