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<<The Cake Is a Lie>> Recruiting for level 60 regs and team ranked

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Yesterday , 10:39 AM | #1


The cake is a lie is forming up groups for team ranked this season. We are also trying to become active in regs. We have lots of spots for all roles so you will be excepted if you apply.


For team ranked we need:

1 PT dps

1 healer OP or SORC.

This is what we need for 1 team, we plan on making 4 teams in total.


For regs, we need all roles, however we don't have tanks or healers quiet yet.

Reg groups can be run wether you have gear or not, unless we are going competitive.


The Cake is a Lie also has PVE, operations, TS3, guild bank. guild ship, 10% xp and rep boost and much more!

The Cake Is a Lie website


To apply visit the site above and go to the PVP forum, or see the info in my signature!

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