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New Player and Guild to Form


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Greetings, I am posting this on Behalf of a friend of mine who is looking into joining the SWTOR Community. She's certiain about joining Bergeren Colony because of it's type: RP and its location.


Anyway her Idea for her guild is to have it based upon a Queen and her people coming out of their hibernation. While searching the Galaxy for a new homeworld (their old one was being destroyed-reason not yet decided upon)m something happened and the entire ship and crew were frozen in a Stasis-like trance. 500 years later the Republic would find their crashed ship on a moon of Alderaan. Now awakened, the Queen and her people struggle to understand the current status of the galaxy.


She mostly has her story setup however she isnt sure and wants advice on what Class and species to pick. The Storyline mission it self she's not to worried about as she intends to almost solely RP.

She tossed the idea around of a force sensitive queen but isnt big on having a lightsaber.


Any ideas/advice would be of great help.

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You should make sure to visit the more active RP forums at http://begerencolony.org


As far as your question there's a similar subplot with the scoundrel story, but the voice acting for the PC doesn't lend itself to nobility.


Race wise you could rule out Twi'lek, Ratataki, Chiss, Probably the Mirialan too as they don't have queens to my admitedly weak lore knowledge.


I suppose she could go for a Killik.

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