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BUG : Not recieving credit for Weekly Galactic Conflicts mission for completing HM FP


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This has happened 3 times to me in the last 2 weeks. It seems to happen when doing HM Battle of Rishi, but possibly on other lvl 60 HM FP's too.


We complete the entire FP, click the computer terminal, get credit for the HM FP mission completion, then click the "beacon" thing to exit area, and then no credit is received toward the Weekly Galactic Conflicts mission. This is ridiculous. The only reason to do these HM FP's is for the Weekly quest to get ultimate comms. The same thing happened to everyone in my group the most recent 2 times this happened. I'm not sure about the first time, as it was through group finder and didn't talk to group members afterward.


I sent an in-game ticket for this and was instructed to file a bug report so here I am. Add this to the list of 1,000 other bugs in the game at this moment.


My suggestion would be to go back to using public test servers to beta test everything, and then listen to people when they report problems. In the past few months there have been a lot more bugs then usual, and I feel it is due to poor beta testing, and then not listening to the beta testers. The Ravagers exploit would have never been an issue if they had listened to the beta testers. But when you test privately with a select few, stuff falls through the cracks. A lot of us love this game, but these continuing bugs and glitches are becoming very annoying, and leading people to take their money elsewhere, which in general brings the whole game down.

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