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Elo system needs to be changed, huge flaw


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biggest problem is matchmaking not being cross-faction. I must have had 5-8 matches in a row where I (a bad guardian tank, now rated in the 800s) faced no-russian (#8 shadow/assassin on bastion) as my opposite. Did I mention that for several arenas we kept getting the same sage healer who had no crystals equipped in MH or OH?


I'm pretty bad but my rating on imp side is not nearly as bad as pub side despite the fact that I use the same gear and play the same class. Of course the fact that I have not been queue sync-ing nor dodging (e.g. I didn't stop queuing when I kept getting the no crystals healer) is probably has a big impact.


If we had cross faction matchmaking then at least no-russian could get our crystalless healer half the time.


It is what it is. If I cared more I probably would be queue syncing and dodging.

  • I agree that cross-faction would be the best practical fix to solo rated.
  • however, that is only issue 1a with solo rated. issue 1b is the fact that classes are balanced in such a way that there are really only 4 viable (DPS) ACs: PT, Sin, Sorc, Jugg. and of those four, only one is traditionally ranged (sorc), and another is a bastardized hybrid mess of range and melee (AP PT).



my point is that you have entire ACs on the outside looking in at soloQ, and cross-faction cannot fix that. as far as I can tell, there are only two fixes:

  1. cross-faction + require trinity for pops (just like grp finder), or...
  2. rebalance all ACs so that they are equally viable with and without trinity comps


I'm assuming that 1 is somewhat technically challenging and 2 is intellectually challenging. I think 1 is more feasible than 2 in terms of the challenge, but I also doubt BW would favor it because even with cross-faction, it would slow the pops to some degree....probably limiting them to one or two simultaneous arenas cuz you rarely will have more than 4 tanks in queue. heals will come out and play more readily.

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Well look at you, you're a fiesty one aren't you ;) But I'm referring to how I can fight Stalkuh, or Moshclaw, or Fig or Jakedepaoli and lose -20 rating, and win the next match and win +5. They're all 2200-2400, so your logic is flawed. Also, before you decide to insult people, maybe you should work on your grammatical skills first, it'll make you seem more intelligent and less like the "brainless plzzzz" that you claim others are. Kthx :cool:

My english is not good,so u did matches vs those 2k+ players.what about their teammates and ur teammates ratings??

if u are 2k+ and losing to 1500s u deserve to lose -15/-20..if u win vs 1500s u get +4/+8 ..so for me its balanced..u shouldnt cry for more rating gaining/losing.for me its pretty cool.im fine with it losing -15 -20 and getting +4/+7 .when u get high rating than %90 of the players in server ,u shouldnt get +10 rating everywin.as i said before its not a problem at all,get over it..u should only cry for class balance atm.

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This is also a huge flaw in the matchmaking. The PvP populations are so anemic matches are happening that shouldn't happen at all. A Rating difference of 300-400 is a HUGE difference between participants in the current Ranked environment. Who arbitrarily decided that a matchup with those differentials is acceptable in the first place?


Was in a match last night in which every opponent we faced had a 1700+ Rating. The best Rating on my team for that match was 1300, we had a noob with no gear (so 1200-ish) who hadn't completed 10 matches yet, and one person with a 850 Rating. So 1300-1240-1200ish-850. How bad do you think our team got stomped? And I lost 10 Rating for that complete waste of time.


Sorry, but that's a matchup which simply shouldn't happen at all in any sort of matchmaking system. I would rather have no Ranked pop at all than end up in a match like that. It's full retard.


This is why the best solution is to push people towards 4-man ranked. If you queue 2 teams of 4-man you have a modicum of control over matchmaking because you can form 2 kickball-ish teams of approximately similar strength.


As I mentioned in a different post -- for something like 4-5 solo ranked arenas I had the same sage healer who had no crystals equipped in their MH and OH (can you say derp?) while the other side had an actual healer.


most of the problems of solo ranked go away when you queue 4-man. Pretty much the only problem left for 4-man is getting matched against a team 300+ elo points different from your team but if you get 8 folks to queue 2 x 4-man then you can guarantee there is always a reasonably close opponent in the queue.

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small populations make group rated by far the worst option. you get the same 2-3 teams. the pecking order is established in one night. everyone stops Qing. soloQ is much better equipped to survive in low populations because the teams are not always the same. you still get healer/tank roulette and other things, but despite all of that, it has a better long term future with tiny populations.
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