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Open World PVP Event


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I'm gonna do the same as georgemattson and copy paste a thread regarding a weekly Open World PvP event they have going on in ToFN. It's originally from UlaVii.


I personally believe it would be really fun to try this out.


Openworld Weekly PvP Massacre Invitation


Each week Stroke my Wookie and Outbreak will be meeting to massacre each other so we can get all the planet/daily areas "Kill ### enemy faction player" achievements. Some weeks we'll do a few locations in one night as they don't need that many kills, other weeks we'll spend most of the event in one place.


We already have more than enough people to do this ourselves but we thought it would be nice to extend the invitation to everybody and make it a server event. We look at the list of planets at the end of each night and decide as a group where we will murder each other next time!


Nar Shaddaa/Rishi/Yavin 4 - Sunday 8th March 18:00 GMT

Nah Shaddaa is just 50 kills so we should get that pretty quickly. Then we can move onto either Rishi or Yavin 4. We probably won't have time to do both Rishi and Yavin this time but we'll continue it the week after.


How to join in

All you have to do is turn up at the time and place then ask to join one of the groups in general chat. You can also join us in teamspeak to help coordinate things.



The following is a list of all the locations/daily areas along with the kill count required for each. There are also loads of PvP achievements to get such as killing X number of each class plus the 2 Party Jawa ones. You can also get the "Organic Meatbags Decimated" HK-51 achievement (500 kills).



  • CZ-198 - 1980
  • Oricon - Kill 1500 - Get "Scare Bear" legacy title
  • Alderaan - 1000
  • Section X - 1000
  • Black Hole - 500
  • Belsavis - 500
  • Corellia - 500
  • Hoth - 500
  • Makeb - 500
  • Quesh - 500
  • Voss - 500
  • Tatooine - 500
  • Tatooine Outlaws Den - 150 (need to be within about 5 levels of each other for it to count)
  • Rishi - 100
  • Yavin 4 - 100
  • Nar Shaddaa - 50



Ilum Gree Event - 28th February 2014

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