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Way to keep mouse in screen?


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This is my only REAL complaint about the game so far, and I'm hoping that there is some fix for it because it drives me nuts.


I run with 2 monitors, and I'm used to having all my games stick to 1 of them. What I mean by that is that currently whenever I play a game, if I want to go to the other monitor to do stuff, I have to alt + tab to get there, and I like that. It ensures your mouse pointer is locked into that one screen while playing. With this game, however, that is not the case. Currently, any time I move my cursor off screen, it actually goes off screen. And if I happen to click off screen? The game completely minimizes, which makes me have to alt tab back into it, then sit through a mini loading screen. Now, that's in their so called 'full screen mode', which in my opinion is a false full screen. Anyways, this isn't so bad with most of the game, as there really isn't many openings to accidentally click outside your screen. HOWEVER, this is a HUGE killer when you're doing star fights, as your cursor is ALWAYS going off screen when you're turning your ship in any direction. It's impossible to play any star fighter match in the games full screen mode.


Now, I know they have a windowed full screen, and that's what I now use. The only downside to using this is that it always pushes your PC a bit harder, so you always hear your fans kick up a bit. Nothing you can do, it's a fact of life that windowed mode uses more resources then full screen. It does save me in star fights, but I still run into issues that when I turn and turn and turn in my ship, I have to drag my mouse back a heck of a lot more to even out, because my cursor is still way off screen. But, hey, no more hassle if I accidentally click off screen, and no more mini loading screens, so it's not completely bad, just still very annoying.


Is there ANY way, in game and without 3rd party programs, that I can have a true full screen mode that locks your mouse in the monitor your game is running in? Just seems odd that every other game I have ever owned, this was never a problem. It's only this one game that has this issue.

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I'll bite.


I don't have a solution for you. I play with a similar set-up; 2 screens and windowed mode because I like to sometimes watch twitch or videos while I play or scout the GTN. No issues until GSF. Constantly going off screen. I'd lose sound and my ship would stall out in what ever direction I was going in. Really confused me at first.


My solution? I just adapted. I got good at getting a feel for that side of the screen and simply did it less until I didn't do it anymore. I know... I didn't help you, but I don't know of another way to fix it.


...at least you don't have 3 screens and twice the chance to click-tab-out?

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