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Just a suggestion that could bring a layer of content to the game utilizing companions. An ability to "reassign" companions to different characters. You could basically choose which companions you want associated with which characters by "firing/releasing" them one character and "hiring" them on another. This has a lot of role play to it and definitely will not be something for everyone. Just think:


Juggernaut "Wrath of the Emperor/Empire" running with Lord Scourge former Wrath of the Emperor.


Bringing Jaesa or Ashara back to the light side or bringing Kira back to the Children of the Emperor.


Tanno Vik's story is less Havoc Squad and more Bounty Hunter or Smuggler.


Rusk joining Havoc Squad. Dorne returning to the Empire.


Converting Xalek to the light side of the force.


Just some examples based on RP. You would have to have unlocked the companion on the original before being able to do this. Once "fired" they would default to the starter planets' cantina where you could interact with them and "hire" them on. This may require some story building and possibly some voicing which costs money, but would build in some replayable content especially for RPers.

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why In Gods name would you do this?


Companions are part of your chars story, they are loyal to YOU. Not only that, but game is designed around specific types of companions for every class. They have light side/dark side influence that goes poof rather quickly. It would be limited to such a small set of classes to make it totally unworth the development.


It would amount to spacing Quinn for Wrath story, and suddenly short a companion. Send Dorn to Imp side (which she wanted to leave for a reason) and you are short a healer companion. Yeah, not good.

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