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Potential PvE Changes for Marauders/Sentinels


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I'm pretty sure all Marauders and Sentinels out there are experiencing the horrible lack of viability our class has on the new HM ops. Many of the bosses in HM ToS and Ravagers have made it extremely hard for us to do the amount of DPS the other classes are putting out. I have thought quite a bit on this and here are some of the potential changes that I think might improve our viability in the new HM raids:

- Increase the amount of damage Cloak of Pain/Rebuke absorbs or increase the duration of its effect

- Decrease the CD of Force Camouflage (Allowing us to use its speed boost more often for fights like Underbugger)

- Increase the duration of Obfuscate/Pacify (An ability I've noticed many Marauders/Sentinels don't use)

- Increase the amount of time bleeds tick for (For Annihilation/Watchman only)

- Increase the range of Vicious Throw/Dispatch

- Increase the percentage of increased damage dealt by the Beat Down effect

I'm sure there are many more changes that could be made to help the class' overall HM raid viability. These are just the ones I came up with. Please feel free to post your own, comment/critique mine, or ask questions.

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They need to make the ranged dps tax a reality. They talked about it during one of the dev streams but have failed to implement it properly.


Or they need to adjust fight mechanics to be less punishing for melee.


Until either/both occur, melee will be second tier choices. Honestly, I think that fixing this is beyond their abilities. This game's combat/encounter design is heavily derivative of WoW. WoW's team and budget is far bigger than this game's. If WoW hasn't been able to adequately mitigate the ranged > melee dps bias in 10 years, there's little chance TOR can.

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