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[R] <Bad Company> Semi-Casual 18+ PvE - New to OPs welcome!


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Hi everybody!


We are Bad Co, a growing semi-casual republic guild of mature players primarily focused mostly on PvE aspects of the game (a few of us occasionally PVP).

Our players are a helpful group in the 30-60 years old, from all US time zones (U.S., South America...). We do appreciate the importance of real life, most of us have kids… We have officers who have been playing since launch, and can patiently walk you through any endgame challenging content (if interested!)...



- Friendly atmosphere, 10% XP boost, website, guild ship (fun for mingling, useful for teleporting groups), mumble server, repair funds…

- We usually schedule OPs of varying difficulties 4 to 6 days per week (starting 7 and 9:30PM), including 1 or 2 open to new/inexperienced players, for all classes/roles! We have enough well geared toons so that we can adjust to have the proper mix.

- We regularly schedule special events (fleet/hard-to-get datacron, hunts, special achievements...)

- We have a guild website http://bc-swtor.enjin.com, check out the calendar (for OPs), achievements, public forums, in-game pictures/videos…

- We also have a sister imperial guild for our alts, that also raid there a few times per month.

- Our only rules/expectations are really common sense: Have fun, don’t need on a drop if not needed; if you sign up do show up…


If that sounds good to you, please fill in an application on the recruitment tab on our guild website or whisper us in-game: Kalliste, Chargeur, Nocturness or Skeld. You can also search for “bad co” in game, and whisper whoever is on… see you soon hopefully!

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Wow, thanks for pointing that out.


After some research, I just discovered the problem: our scheduler for all the 7PM ops is creating each event to be viewable for "guild members only"

Our other scheduler (for the 9:30PM OPs) is creating each event to be viewable "for everyone".

I will be talking to our 7PM scheduler and give him hell. ;)

Not sure if we can change that quickly without deleting/recreating the events, but we'll definitely make that change moving forward.


So... at this point I have to choice but to ask you to trust me when I say we have 4-5 ops scheduled every week at 7PM. Last night we ran 16 man Ravagers and for tonight we have 10 signups for TOS SM.


FYI, the 4AM "event" is only an FYI of that day's GF (its the quickest way we found to let everyone know that), but no one signs up at 4AM lol.


Hope this helps clarify things a bit...

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You'd start an op at 2AM??? Damn... I'm a wuss...


Good news: we were able to easily change the display settings of all 7PM ops and you should now see them all!!!!

Thank God, sometimes the enjin guild websites can be a bit finicky, but in this case it was easy-peasy.


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!

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