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<Random Force> 8/10 HM recruiting


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Hey there! Random Force is a small Hardmode/Nightmare progression guild with two raid teams progressing through TOS/Ravagers HM and now both are working on Revan HM. Team 2 ('Hatred C team') is looking for 1 strong DPS (preferable ranged), right now the team raids Saturday/Sunday night at 8pm PST -11pm PST

DPS should parse 4600+ on a 1mil dummy and execute mechanics properly and should have experience with previous NIM/HM content. COMMITMENT IS KEY please dont apply if you are not able to commit to the times or don't value raid times as valuable.


It is to be noted that applicants with experience have a better chance of success.

PST or mails to Krayt-o'swaggns impside


5/5 Ravagers HM

4/5 ToS HM

5/5 TFB NiM +Title

7/7 SV NiM + Title

10/10 DF/DP HM

4/5 NiM DF (pre nerf) 5/5 Post

4/5 NiM DP (pre nerf) 5/5 Post


DISCLAIMER: We are looking for players of similar skill and experience. During the try out we would like you to use your most geared and capable character, and after being approved we can gear out any of your toons we need you to use for Hardmode/Nightmare content. To clarify, applicants should have a Hardmode/Nightmare ready character prepared to try out. Due to popular demand, we are looking for players who are easy to get along with. We are all skilled players who respect each other and get along great while clearing difficult content, we expect NOTHING less from our recruits. Negative behavior is grounds for benching and failing try outs.


Our website is randomforce.enjin.com

Fill out an app if interested. Once approved, get in contact with one of us online and we'll shoot you an invite.

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We have been 9/10 for awhile now but losing DPS to RL issues. Both teams NEED 1 DPS respectively. Please parse above 4600 and raid experience is preferred but potential without HM experience is cool. Commitment and picking up mechanics is key.


Both teams working on Revan HM 3 floor :)

Group 1: Tuesday Thursday Friday 8pm- 11pm PST

Group 2: Saturday Sunday 8pm -11pm PST


Apply at randomforce.enjin.com

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