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Purchased Emotes - Did Not Receive Them But I Was Charged Cartel Coins


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I have created 2 in-game tickets for this issue: 16120115 and 16122920. Below are my tickets and the unhelpful and rather contradictory replies:


------------- Ticket #1 ------

I purchased two emotes via the collections interface for 60 cartel coins each. However even after logging out and back in those emotes are not available. It says "This emote is restricted and accessed through either Subscription or an item unlock. Mood and Emote unlocks are often found in Packs available on the Cartel Market."


I was charged 120 coins and have not received the items purchased. Please either unlock these items or refund the coins.


--------- Automated Reply --------

<droid reply stuff here>

Thanks you for contacting us about the issue you encountered. This particular case appears to have been caused by a bug within the game that will need to be corrected in a future game update and as such, cannot be corrected by Customer Service.


To allow us to identify and correct these issues, we would request that you submit a Bug Report on this issue. <it then says that bug reports go to the dev team directly and tells me how to submit it as a bug report rather than an "item issue" which is what i selected>

--------- End Reply



I then created a second ticket as a "Bug Report" with essentially the same text and this is the reply I received today:


------------- Automated Reply ------------

Thank you for submitting a bug report - bug reports do not receive a response. <blah blah droid stuff>


HOWEVER, if you need additional help beyond your initial bug report, please submit a new Help Ticket under the appropriate category to contact a Customer Service Agent.




So customer service says they can't help me even though all I want is my 120 coins refunded. And the Bug Report doesn't warrant a response.


So how exactly does one get a refund on the 120 lost coins???

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