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<Symphony of the Forsaken> is recruiting for both PVE and PVP!!


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Hello all!


I have great news! The Imperial guild <Symphony of the Forsaken> is now recruiting! Here is a little bit about us. We are actually the merged guild of <The Forsaken> and <Symphony of Destruction>. In an effort to eliminate PUG groups and burn through new content we have decided to form a merger.


As of right now, we have 2 full 8M teams who are running Operations on Tuesdays through Fridays. We are now ready to start forming a 3rd team! All classes and roles are needed. We have a stocked Guild Bank in which our officers will help with your gear through that. We also have an expanding guildship. We have unlocked 3 rooms in the crew quarters ATM. We also plan random guild events during the month's. These may include Wold Boss runs, Republic Commander runs, Classic Op's and guild PVP tourneys with cash and gear prizes.


We offer a Teamspeak3 server and use StarParse for our parsing needs.


We are also recruiting for PVP. Even though we are predominately a PVE guild, we have a strong core of PVP'ers with Dark Reaver gear. We are working on building our PVP teams to have a strong presence in the Jedi Covenant.


If you are interested in inquiring about a position in our guild, please feel free to contact me in game on either of these toons:

Rhoar'lok - PVE




You may also reach out to any of these officers:

Anteros'vos - PVP


Bu'beez - PVP


Please mention this post, your class and role when you message us.


Thanks and we look forward to working with you all!!!!

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