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Space racing,Space mining resources,Ship wrecks rebuilder/editor


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Hello,i dont know how properly put the sugestion and if i can mention other game names.Swtor really mising the options to race with other players,and actualy possible space race tracks already exists in game,i see options to race in space race,planets,even underwater,also race on speeders be welcomed.


About Space Mining there is game name Space Enginers,not sure if i can mention it here,not saying creators of swtor should clone copy it,but space mining should be definetly in swtor,it have own potential,

looting or rebuilding direlict ships or both,loot it and repair/refit it to gain new ships,

also edit stock personal ship or replace it,i really want replace the trooper weird ship or atleast refit it shape and size/also other clases/,

Also own colour schemes for personal ship be welcomed, or make logo`s on it.Disquize the ship the enter with ship to enemy teritory.Alot new options is possible with this.Happy to help this game improve it. Thanks.

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