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I really enjoy this game... but,


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I have to say this is the funnest game I have played in a very long time and, in my personal opinion, it used to be funner. I really enjoy the overall community, I have been playing since Beta and I knew then that I didn't want to put up with people who are rude, just for the sake of being rude, or people who get really defensive almost offensive when you try and give them pointers and tips. I have kinda been away the last year due to health issues, but I am getting better and returned (I also really wanted to see the new expac)

This was, again to me, the best game ever. My favorite thing about this game is the Interactive story, I mean I have seen people say that its blan or predictable but I loved every moment of my inquisitor and warrior line, I am still workin on the other classes I have most around level 30 and I love their stories too. my second favorite thing (before they removed it) was the talent tree it wasn't just (essentially) mindless leveling like WoW (yes I did play wow, notice how that's past tense its complete shi* now) Now I feel as if I am just mindlessly leveling no planning no strategy, (I know what your thinking there isn't strategy in talent trees, but there is if you do it correctly) and overall less immersive and less fun. I really enjoy both the starship battles (where you are in your own personal ship.) and the Galactic starship battles. The companion system is also very nice (although I do wish you could craft the items from your crafting professions as well, but that doesn't matter a whole lot just a thought.)

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