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Returning player looking for a community (PoT5 ; Pub)


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Hello all!

I'm a returning SWTOR player from about a year ago, and I'm looking for a solid guild to call home. I'm a male in my early twenties, East Coast USA, and I play on Prophecy of the Five on the Republic side.


I prefer tight-knit communities. I love doing Ops, dailies, HMs, etc. I want a guild that does progression raods and I like organization, but I also like communities who get together to just play the game and enjoy themselves (sometimes without a schedule). I like playing with people who are, first and foremost, friends, but who also want to do some organized instance-running some nights and on weekends. A medium-to-large-sized guild with voice comms and mature relationships is preferable.


I'd consider myself moderately experienced. I enjoy PvP and PvE almost equally.


If you think your guild is a fit for someone like me, post here, PM my profile, or PM me in-game, character name: Riolan.

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PoT5 is dead, you should look into another server. I moved over a year ago and am so happy I did. Welcome back man! :rak_03:




Is Jedi Covenant better? Or, Is there another PvP server that might operate more on an east coast schedule?

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