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Darkest Hour is recruiting members!!


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Searching for a guild with a casual friendly environment as well as strong direction towards building a solid progression group? Then Darkest Hour may be right for you. We are an adult guild that has been in existence since launch and have a strong base of friendly players who enjoy grouping up for Ops as well as shenanigans! We encourage building friendships and providing support to guildies. We are looking for players with a similar play style. We have operation nights, last minute GF runs and PVP nights for those who are interested. We have an established guild bank, guild stronghold and a guild ship and participate in Conquest activities. We use Ventrilo and have a dedicated webpage as well as a closed Facebook group.


You can contact us via our website http://darkesthourswtor.guildlaunch.com and provide us your character name and class in the “Public Discussion” forum so we can contact you.


You can also contact Shadox, or Cruela in game!!

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