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Guild Recruitment- The Crimson Horror


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I get hit up a lot IG about guilds. I figured I would post here. The Crimson Horror is recruiting active players of all levels. RP, PVP, and PVE. We keep about 15-20 members online at any one time. Have an apprenticeship program for newcomers. Ranks by level & participation. Fun group all around thats drama free and helps one another consistently. We hold internal events and rewards and have regular meetings for officers to keep up with whats going on.


Please feel free to message me on here with your IG name and a time so we can get you in. I can't stay on the forums as much as I would like, so PM is much better.


Not interested in a bunch of leeches or children, just people looking for a home and fun. We want to try to keep it 18+



Hope to hear from you all soon,



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