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Scrapper Profession


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Smugger has a companion with +5 crit to armstech, so it is a decent profession to take to crit more stuff like barrels and augments, if you plan on crafting things to sell.


That said, you can pick any profession you like, and I would advise to just load up gathering professions like bioanalysis, scavanging and archeology, or slicing and just gather nodes as you level and sell the raw materials on GTN. That will yield you a lot of money for very little effort, since with conquest there is is usually a decent demand for the crafting materials to make war supplies.


As for getting yourself equipped:


Get yourself an organge shell blaster/offhand (they are moddable with insertable barrel/mod/enhancement). You get a moddable main hand finishing your story on coruscant, around lvl 10. Moddable offhand have a chance to be dropped in esseless or any other flashpoints, OR you can purchace one from Nar Shadaa equipment vendor on the Fleet for basic commodations around lvl 23.


That supply section on the fleet is filled with commondation vendors, named Taris equipment modification vendor, Correlia modfication vendor etc. They each trade the components for basic commodation tokens you get as you complete story quests on the planets and flashpoints. They each carry same stuff, appropriate for various levels. So Taris vendor will trade things around lvl 12-17, other vendors sell higher level stuff. Just buy appropriate barrel/mod/enhancement form them, barrel costs 7commodations, mod/enh costs 2.


That generally takes a lot less effort and time than crafting yourself anything/worrying about reverse engineering correct stats when you craft. And you receive enough commodations from quests to keep yourslef and a companion of chocie relatevly well geared, if you upgrade your gear every 5-7 levels. It goes not only for weapons, but armor, by the way.

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