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Gree HK Customizations?


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So you want your HK to look like Pat-AK from the "Black Bisector" quest line?


Which seems more like a possibility for a C2 or 2V skin than an HK skin. Of course there are also the enemy Gree droids... which include the "probe droid" type and the "destroyer droid" type. The probe doesn't really apply to anything. The destroyer type seems like it could be a possibility for an M1 skin. Anything else...?


Ah! Core Defense Unit!


Perhaps that's what they wanted to suggest as an HK skin?


Hmmm... all these ideas for droid companion customizations... Anything for Scorpio or T7?


edit: Research Battler, from the heroic


(similar to the core unit, probably also an idea for HK)

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