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GTN suggestion for sub players


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the sub players have 50 more sell spots in the GTN but there is a problem with that sometimes is that there still stay for 2 day's and i think its really annoying if you have 50 items on the GTN and 2 day's later you get round the 50% from it back because there are on the GTN for 2 day's why not make it for sub players that the items on the GTN can stay 1 week.

some items need a long time to get sold and to put then back in the GTN each 2 day's is sometimes annoying if you are busy with other things in the game like completing quest's on a planet that has no GTN.

if the items for sub players are for 1 week on the GTN then you know when you see that you have mail that a item has been sold.

2 day's is maybe good for free to play players but not for sub players.

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