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A bandit-like mask that just goes over the eyes


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I have been looking everywhere on the GTN and on Dulfy for something like this and I just can't find anything. I am really hoping perhaps that BioWare could put in a mask that looks like a bandit's mask very similar to this:




I think that would look so amazing on my Gunslinger!!


[[Please, if there is one of these in the game, do tell me its name so I can try and get one. If not, I really, really, really hope BioWare puts this in its newest pack]]

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There are many kinds of "visors" like:




But as for a MASK like that, the only thing I've seen that comes close is a sort of two-strand mask --- one strand above the eyes, and another below it. I can't find it on Tor-Fashion.com right away and I don't recall the name, unfortunately. It doesn't looks like a MASK, though, since the two strips of cloth never seem to touch on the face (on the sides of the eyes/temple area).

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