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(Republic) Looking for raiding/PvP guild


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Hi JC,


I'm looking for a guild that is active in raiding and PvP. My toons are mainly Pub side at this point, with my intent to eventually have 60's across all 8 classes(4 Pub/4 Imp so guilds with Imp side alts would be a plus) I currently have a 60 Vanguard decked out in 186's for tanking, 60 Sent that is not geared reasonably well yet, 54 Sage and 50 Gunslinger. I plan to have all toons capped and at least SM ready depending on the needs of the guild, I understand the strategic flexibility provided by having available alts.


In terms of role, I'm pretty comfortable and am willing to play any role that is needed by the team. I have little raiding experience in this game other than PUG'd SMs, but have cut my teeth on progression content in other games(LOTRO, Wildstar) so I'm well aware of what to expect along the way. I'm open with my availability for raiding with a preference for any nights besides Friday and Saturday.


Ideally I'm looking for a SM team on current content with an eventual jump to HM progression. I'm pretty active in PvP/GSF, and I am working on getting coms for ranked gear when I can. If I sound like a potential fit I can be reached on my main Lanceus, or I'll check back here on this thread.


Thanks for reading,



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Hello Lanceus,


Please check out Souls of Fate (http://www.soulsoffate.enjin.com) I believe that we may have what you are looking for in a guild. We have a strong pub side presence and are building our Imp Side strength thanks to our recent Merger with The Gentelman Bastards. We currently run 3 Republic Progression teams and 1 Imp Side team. 1 of our teams is working SM content, for gearing and to practice HM mechanics and the other 2 are working HM progression.

We don't do as much on the PVP and GSF scene as we used too, but we have several members who are working to get our PvP teams back into full swing.


Check out our guild website and our recruting thread here on the SWTOR forums and tell us what you think.


Hope to hear from you soon!



Souls of Fate

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