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We're re-opening our recruitment doors. While its not out of 100% necessity we're planning to have two NM progression groups running simultaneously and want to see if there are players out there that are ready for the next step.


I'm willing to look at any application (tank / heal / dps).


The applications I look at that get priority have the following


Parse warriors

video footage

past raiding experience at @ NM level.


Obviously with this tier I'll look at 8/10 HM stuff and evaluate. I personally know there are players out there that are Zorz material just need to find them. We're not interested in any application we want players that sell themselves and can be a positive addition to Zorz.


As of 2/25/15 we have immediate openings in both our Wednesday & Friday groups for a DPS.


Any questions ask or post in your application.

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Everything has been updated and has a response. Still interested in applications.



Mainly looking for someone who is versatile to play a BH on Revan due to comp restrictions. Friday comp is currently sorc, sniper, PT.

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I know this is late but I submitted an application on the site. Our raid team looks like its gonna stop raiding so I am looking for a new home.


We're so far in the process of shifting over to break mode. Some players have stopped raiding till an announcement of a) Nightmare or b) New Operation. That being said, there is going to be a very laxed group raiding during the meantime. We will still look but only accept DPS or Tanks that have reallly stood out ie. Best of the best.


We will be looking for healers very soon though.


Good luck on your application!



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