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Help me Help myself Class pick.


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Okay I would like to say I'm sorry for this thread and know that they can be annoying, however I really really want to get into higher tier / end game pvping and could really use help from people that know alot more about it than I.


So I have tried almost every class and AC now to about 26 ~ excluding the OP/Scoundrel which I got to about 15-6 before I stopped because I realized that stealth + med range just isnt for me. And the Marauder to 21. I have noticed some things I liked and some I didnt really care for and others that I felt indifferent too during all my plays (also tested the different disciplines) which amounted to my current state of what the crap should I do?


I would like to play a class at 60 with a strong focus on PvP that will be fun / enjoyable and not either a WAAC / FOTM / Top DEEPS ect ect class. If what you fine people suggest for me to play happens to be one of those okay but that is not my hidden motive or anything. I'll list out what I would like in a class and hope that I can get some insight on how the classes play at level 60, because I know my level 12 Merc played alot different once I hit 26.



What Im looking for in my class:


Ability to support / contribute to my team / 4s threw my class in a meaningful way. (Protection, Guard, Taunt, Heal, Peal, CC, Survive, Burst / lock down a player)


Ability to survive long enough / well enough to not be a hindrance on my team / healer


Ability to either 1v1 another class that isnt hard countered by my class ( Prefer to not be Rock, LF Scissors, running from Paper. Would be nice to be able to compete vs all classes and disciplines on some level )


Ability to use my abilities to either kill a healer / healed target or cause enough havoc that another person can finish off their target / mine.


Ability to not require the starts to align for me to be *Amazing* ( If I ever get somewhat good, which im not now, I want to be good or great because I made myself that way and not that ignored free casting sniper / sorc / merc that could get off every ability how he wanted because he didnt have to do anything other than focus on how to best kill person x)


Last and maybe least. Be a class that if I so choose to try out end game PvE I should be okay at getting in a group and not stuck in a...Well we need a dps but Jug dps isnt quite up to par to run X Y Z sorry.



Now for what I have found about some of the classes AC that I have tried and dont know if they hold true, get worse, get better or go away completely @ higher levels / @ 60.


Remember these are my impressions of the classes @ 26-28 and can be wrong, thats why Im asking you for help!


Jug/Guardian -

+'s : Good survivability, Not bad damage, pretty useful for my team with CCs, Taunts and Guard

-'s : Kite-able, No real spike/burst unless target low on hp, No good escapes, I couldnt kill a healer / healed target to save my life (Probably my skill level with the class)


Mara/Sents -

+'s : Pretty good damage, descent mobility, Pretty good escapes

-'s : Poor survivability, Ramp up time to hit good damage, lack luster CC


Merc/Mandos -

+'s : Good damage, off heals open even in dps spec, Pretty good heals in healing spec

-'s : No escapes, lack luster CC, poor mobility, A can of PBR survives longer at a hipster party than they do.



+'s : Pretty good survivability, pretty good damage, excellent mobility, good CC

-'s : No escapes, felt like it was missing that follow threw to finish someone off. Easy to mismanage resources in an attempt to kill someone.


Sage/Sorc -

+'s : Spamable off spec heals, excellent mobility, good survivability, okay cc, okay damage

-'s : middle ground survivability, high overall numbers but doesnt feel like I actually did anything other than tab dot / aoe'd, great escapes but if countered you were dropin fast.


Sin/Shadow -

+'s : Great survivability, middle ground cc, spike damage is good, great point control.

-'s : Tank spec felt lack luster, Mdps spec was killy but also very killable, medium damage unless you set get it set up just right or play Dot spec.


Op/Scound -

+'s : Stealth heals, Off spec heals, good point control, good cc, good escapes, ability to lock a player down.

-'s : Close range while being squishie, non healer spec felt very lone wolf, little team support, middle ground damage.


Gs/Sniper -

+'s : High damage, good point pressure, very high spike damage, pretty good escapes

-'s : Low survivability, limited mobility (depending on spec), little or no way to heal, limited group support outside of damage. Felt like it required being ignored or extra team support to provide any benefit to team.




Sorry for such a long post but I really really would love the help and input on anything that I said / got wrong as for the classes AC's @ the higher levels. Any suggestions on the class / discipline that fits what Im looking to do closely or best are greatly welcome and any reason why you think so is an extra perk to help me.


Thank you for taking the time to read my first book and hopefully reply.

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I would suggest vanguard but you mentioned that the midrange isn't for your play style, so I guess that's out. Other pretty solid class would be guardian, very good utility in PvP (which it seems os what you were mainly looking for) and good damage. Having a vigilance guardian on your tail with his infinite master strikes is a massive pain in the *** for a healer / ranged dps, and you only have one cast so kiting shouldn't be a huge problem most of the time.


If you want to go ranged dps, I would say go sage. You said you were feeling a bit useless with high numbers, were you playing balance/madness? The middle tree has massive burst right now, so using that you should really see your enemies falling down before you. Also balance is good for putting pressure on the other team, not bad at all either.


Both of these classes are imo great all around classes that are easy enough to play. But in the end all that matters is what class do you feel most comfortable with, every class has their ups and downs and every class can be viable in capable hands. Also if you want to just face roll and kill everything go shadow, though they are going to have to nerf it sooner or later.

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So it seems like VG/PT fits more of the rolls with along with a Jug/Guard.


which makes sense as both did feel comfortable to play, Jug/Guard did feel a bit underwhelming at times in terms of damage but that could very well change drastically in higher levels.


I wish GS/Sniper did a bit better as they look pretty cool, sound pretty cool and can put out some huge hits however it seems the team needs to support them more than the other way around and I dont know how often thats going to happen in solo ques so Id rather not get super frustrated 80% of the time and be liking the class / play time the other 20%



Thank you guys for replying.

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What Im looking for in my class:


Ability to support / contribute to my team / 4s threw my class in a meaningful way. (Protection, Guard, Taunt, Heal, Peal, CC, Survive, Burst / lock down a player)

Ability to survive long enough / well enough to not be a hindrance on my team / healer




With all you've listed, you won't have that much choice, it will be the 3 tank classes (sin, PT, jugg) and sorc. I don't remember if you wish to play dps only but i'll give you a quick resume:


Assassin: all specs good, despite deception (single target burst) being a bit behind because damage is basically near what we did in 2.9. Darkness may be difficult to handle for a beginner because lots of procs, but very good tank. Hatred is the faceroll mode.

I'd say assassin is an easy class to quickly obtain solid results ((like, play hatred) but not everyone play it at 100%, you need absolutely almost every ability in your hands. You have awesome mobility, awesome damage, awesome survivability but recently some are awesome s*cking at it.


Powertech: AP (single target burst) is currently the biggest burst of the game (rip carnage marauder), pyrotech (dots & cleave) is fun but needs to be fixed on everything, it's worse than in 2.9. The tank spec is the easiest to go atm and performs quite good: best damage potential, applies all his debuffs with one spell and basically poop on every melee comp (oil & aoe snare + harstun).

I'd say powertech is the class to go for beginners because everything is super easy, but 2 specs only are valuable. Note that you'll be first focused every time (unless you're facing incompetents) because any team who's not mentally retarded can't allow an AP PT to be free, and you don't have powerful defenses. With good focus, you die fast but unlike a merc/sniper/operative etc you will still have the chance to unload your full burst.


Juggernaut: One of the best classes for solo players because he's quite good at everything you can think of. The class is in a very good position atm, vengeance provides very high sustained with ok burst and a good dotspread, also can be one of the most annoying things for a healer. New rage has that good good burst which can surprise and destroy a target @60-70% hp. Unfortunately, due to the insane amount of roots everywhere, the tank spec can't shine like it did pre 3.0 (basically that's the only tank that can be brained & locked away with roots only).

Way more survivability and team utility than PT for example, but you'll need more buttons ('cause more defensives etc) so maybe harder, for the time you learn how to properly chain your CDs.


Sorcerer: IMO very good in all specs, you can carry like a boss with a sorc: bubbles, dispells, roots, stuns, off heals, pulls, cycloning stuff or utterly destroying people. Madness is the overall pressure dots spec, always good, you can prepare some extra burst by chaining some abilities (force leech, demolish, death field) and is super easy to handle. Lightning always had that very good burst, but lacked survivability. Now BW overdid it as always, the spec is ridiculous: you can trash people while backpeddling (yes, at the same time) how retarded is that ? So dps-wise, good buff in survivability mainly with instants and kitting, but you remain a sorc: squishy.

Healer spec is the easiest atm. While it used to be near decent but not very much at everything (burst, general output, survivability), it now performs very good at everything, without force management. Only merc is better, at burst heal.

You will instantly gain good results while playing sorc but there's a good gap between beginner and advanced-master player. Just one tip: don't think force storm is n1 prio in your rotation, you'll get destroyed. Once you're good sorc you can spam it if you have a fetish for numbers/trolling people but nothing more.



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