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some scoundrel healer question


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as the title say i got some question for experienced scoundrel,


1.how do you handle hard switching in ranked,i know scoundrel is the weakest healer for that,but what skill do you use first etc,how can i make that weakest a bit better


2.what stats do you go for augment,what stats do you think is the most important etc,cause im a bit lost with my gear right now


thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english im a frenchie

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I have a guide on another post which you could use for gear called scoundrel healing guide.




1. For hard switching in ranked vs high burst comps or a very cohesive AOE comp I usually have 2 slow release med pacs on the whole group, this mitigates some. When the hard switching happens I lead off with my kowtow cloud followed by emergency med pack and an immediate kolto pack, this gives a bit of sustained heals while you then spam underworld medicine and emergency med pac respectively until the next one comes.


2. Augment with cunning, focus on power and have a more or less balanced crit and alacrity ratio. Refer to my guide in the other thread.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me in game on begeren colony, Dath-Cody

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