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Calling 13th Battalion, Clan Adenn, and Republic Elite.


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I reckon it's time I made this thread in response to interest shown from you all. It's time for that RP PvP experience.


Initially, would like a representative from each guild to post here with a list of individuals from your guild and their levels, that would be interested in participating in this event. The details for the battle and story leading up to it will follow. First I need to know what kind of participation we are going to have.


There are some rules. No sorcerers or sages will be permitted to participate, even if they are wearing trooper/Mandalorian armor. I'm sorry, but lightning and telekinetic rock throwing isn't exactly in keeping with the spirit of our two guilds. For this reason, shadows and assassins will not be allowed to participate either. I plan for this to be a streamed event and don't want anything looking out of place or breaking anyones immersion.


All player characters must be wearing trooper or Mandalorian armor. Any level character may participate, but understand that if most of your participants are sub level 50, they will probably get killed a lot.


Jedi, Sith, and other non-Mandalorian/non-Trooper characters will be considered, but not promised an opportunity to participate. Time and location will be given to participants that are registered only to prevent outside OOC nonsense.


I look forward to hearing from you all.


One last thing. If there are any other Republic Trooper RP groups or Mandalorian RP groups that would like to participate, please respond here or hit me up on enjin.



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As previously mentioned, details will be ironed out when we know how many people we have participating. This will be a battle between Mandalorians and the Republic military though. Will be fun, detailed, and cataloged event that all participants can add to the legacy of their characters.



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Clan Adenn here; we are very much interested.


You may contact myself (Kain'ryk), or Deshi(he has an alt code for his "i", don't remember what it is,) Xiira, Chaavla, Vi'ctor, or Hen'rick.


Thanks, mate. Anyone from 13th Battalion, Republic Elite, or any other Trooper/Mandalorian RP guilds out there?

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