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About transition from FP and lighter content to Ops...


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Ok folks,this is a very hearth felt thread.....oh,I know what a lot of you will be thinking:relax,this is just a game,have fun and don't let it get at you that much!

Probably,the subjects burns me that deep because of my competitive nature,even in "trivial" aspects.....:)

Let me start by saying I'm what you would consider more of a casual player,not an mmo veteran by any mean,and started playing about a year ago and this is my first one.

On top of that,unlike maybe a lot of the players' base,I don't have that much time during the day to enjoy the game,because of work and real life issues,and usually end up playing 2-3 hours every evening.

With that being said,I started playing as a dps,but roughly 3 months ago I rolled a Guardian tank and decided to start my tanking adventure....well,I found out this is what I love to do,and honestly think even in this short period,I've become pretty good at what I do,and I saw my tanking growing day after day,practicing and improving my craft,and realizing I was becoming more amd more situational aware,as I guess a good tank should be! A lot of times I got kudos for my job,and in every HM 60 FP I honestly think I can tank whith the best of them,and I never ever have issues like not holding aggro and such....

Well,now I'll have to add the thing I would love to do most is become an accomplished raider....but every time I "pump my ego up",and think I'm more than ready for the next step,everytime I put my foot in an Operation,problems abound,and I almost one shot all of my confidence....:trust me,I try to prepare the best I can,reading guides and watching videos of boss fights,but even when I think I know everything I need,still found the game and things moving and happening too fast,I lose my composure and feel too much pressure maybe,thus going out if synch and not finding the rythm with my rotation and everything,end up losing aggro from real good dps a lot more than any other kind of content,and things like that....and always go out from those night feeling rather depressed and reconsidering my actual level of play!

I don't know....maybe some of you will think and say: dude...you're probably not thar good of a player,nor you have the "natural talent" that other gamers possess,thus finding all those things in which you struggle come easily to them....

Oh,I know it's probably normal to expect a learning curve and those growing pains,and I know I'm far from perfect and I have a lot of room to grow as a tank (for example,I realize I'm not a great buff-debuff checker,and I have to definitely practice and improve on that...),but just wanted to listen to similar stories of growing pai and struggles any other players,more expert than myself,may have faced in their paths,and most of all would really appreciate any hint and advice on how to make this transition smoother,and every even little detail I could and should consider to become the best end game player than I can be.....;)

Thanks a lot for any help you'll eventually be able to give,peeps!

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I would recommend simply finding a guild and get a spot as a raid tank, pug raids tend to be hard on tanks and can be very frustrating, also sometimes a complete waste o time (and therefor not really suited for one with only 2-3 hours daily to play in). Find yourself a friendly casual/semi-casual guild, and dont worry sm ops aren't as hard as you might think :D


Regarding the buff/debuffs, there are options in the interface editor to increase the size of the icons, this is usually a good idea to make them large enough to be easily spotted at a quick glance.

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Use your space bar!


Anyway, Operations are luck based based on how intelligent your group is if you're not grouping with a guild. Hell, even in a guild it can be hit or miss.


But I honestly find Ops way easier than the HM FPs, tbh.

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Thanks for your answers guys....yea,I forgot to mention I recently joined a guild,and have to say I get along real good with them! But prolly,issue is more on myself and on the high expectations I always put on me....I fear to let my guildies down and what they might think of my and consider myself as a player,and that kind of pressure doesn't lat me play relaxed and achieve a level of performance I usually succeed in doing in FP and content I'm more familar with,having run it lots of times....so I guess it will just cone naturally with more reps!

On top of that,my little embarassment and struggle in using the voice chat probably enhances my problems...:I'm ok in writing and reading,but realized my spoken english has become way rusty! :)

Amd thanks about the advice of making buffs larger....I already did! ;)

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