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Gear with light up glowing parts


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I just acquired the Ceremonial Mystics Armor Set for my Sith Inquisitor / Sorcerer.


For the most part, I am happy with it. My character looks pretty freaky in it and his voice has a mechanical sound to it.


I also tried every dye module that was available on the GTN. I like Black / Black best, and Dark Green / Medium Green, and Black / Medium Gray.


The problem is that this gear and many others that have glowing light up parts on them cannot be changed. Most of them I have no issue with such as the Gold Scalene Armor set that I have on my Imperial Agent / Operative.


The Ceremonial Mystics Armor Set has a greenish blue glow on the back of the lower robes that cannot be changed and so with the exception of a few dye mods, the gear doesn't work with those colors.


If say, I wanted red, that greenish blue glowing pattern would still be there and ruin my immersion.


My suggestions are these:

Create another dye mod slot in armor sets to allow us to change the color of the glowing light patterns: for instance black and red dye mod for the gear and red for the glowing color pattern on the back of the lower robe. Black and Purple would look good as well. OR


Remove the glowing light patterns from armor sets altogether which I'm not really in favor of, OR


Allow us to install a new dye mod slot in the same way you can add augmentation slots.


Create single dye modules specifically for these new slots.


This way, we can customize the colors of our armor set in new ways.


Incidentally, I settled on the Medium Green / Dark Green dye mod for the Ceremonial Armor set. While it is not the color scheme I like, it goes well with the glowing color pattern on the robes.


Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Incidentally, there was another topic of this nature on the forum and I looked for it prior to creating this thread, but without an exact name or key words, the search function couldn't find it.

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