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What Planet Does The Republic Fleet Orbit?


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As the title asks, what planet does the Republic Fleet orbit?


It can't be any of the planets currently on the galaxy map - it's either in the wrong location or the wrong colour of planet outside the windows ...


I thought maybe Naboo, but that's also in the wrong area of the galactic map ...


Any input would be appreciated! :D

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Armeku-the homeworld of the Wharl's-can't believe you didn't know that man


Learn your star wars


Where did you get that Dacorianton? There is no such planet mentioned anywhere. Please post a link or a source to support your claim!!


Learn YOUR Star Wars!!

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I actually would NOT be surprised if it was orbiting a planet of ZERO import and thus they never even bothered to name it. I suspect the world is unihabitable and while in the fictional Universe it probably has an identifying code for catalogue purposes, it probably doesn't have a "real" name . Here is the original codex entry...


During the final months of the Great Galactic War, the Republic became desperate to develop a new hyperroute for supplies in their conflict with the aggressive Sith Empire. To facilitate their new route, a nearly forgotten supply base known as Outpost 22 was returned to full service. By the time the Treaty of Coruscant was signed and the war had ended, Outpost 22 had become such a major hub of activity as to be as indispensable a gathering place as the capital world itself. The base was given a new and significant identity–Carrick Station–in dedication to Zayne Carrick, a once-unassuming Padawan who rose to a position of great importance during the Mandalorian Wars.


While still in the Core worlds it is definitely off the beaten path before military necessity deemed otherwise. As it was a "resupply station" it was probably in a place which passes for that regions "middle of no where"... other wise why would it have been abandoned a resupply base in the first place? Remember Star Wars in not a 2orld like Star Trek with replicators and the like where you only go to a Star Base or Space Dock for repairs, R&R, pick up passengers or pick up the rare non-replicatible supplies... You need to refuel, get more food, medical supplies, maybe even regularly swap out air scrubbers and the like. If the station not only needs to be recommissioned but was virtually forgotten, that means the system is a " nothing" system until war changes things.

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