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Looking for a DPS for our 2nd Raid Team


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The Circle Guild(imp Side) is looking to fill out the last spot on our 2nd Raid team.


We are looking for a DPS preferebly a ranged one, and preferebly a sorc, but open to any type of class.

Also acepting a Healer since one of our healers wouldn't mind changing back to DPS.


We raid on thursdays and Mondays from 19h45 to 22h30 GMT.

Currently we are 5/5 on Ravagers and 2/5 on ToS Started working on Underlurker this week.


If you are interested check out the Guild Page : http://www.thecircle-eu.com

Or hit me up in game with a /whisper or a Mail: Kelyan (Drantar, Fayel, Akilae)

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