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Why 4 of each mat to craft blue relic but 2 for impants and earpieces?


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Just curious if this was/is intended that to craft the new Ruusan relics it takes 4 of each mat while it takes 2 of each may to craft the equivalant blue implant and/or earpiece.


The new Ruusan relics are 186 (purple); 186 earpieces and implants use four purple mats as well. The *156* earpieces and implants used only two purples, but those were special schematics (you could buy the purple directly from a vendor). The "equivalent" purples from the regular training schematics (which you had to RE) were level 152, and the implants used 2 purples while the earpieces used four.


IMO, the current situation makes more sense than the old one; you need 2-3 modifications for other gear, so 4-6 purples. So having relics, earpieces, and implants cost 4 mats makes sense.

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