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Cartel Market Opinion


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The Cartel Market seems a bit expensive does it not to anyone else? Please lower the coin requirement for everything across the board by like hmm i don't know.. 75% ..i mean a full year sub gets you one Warp-crate of x24 packs with some change left over? really? Now obviously this is without spending any more money other than a sub. But it is hard to throw money at a "maybe" chance at getting what you want... bottom line is i feel that most..no ..ALL ..of the items on the market are so over priced. It's almost a requirement for you to constantly throw your wallet in for some GC. I would like to know what i am going to get not just willy nilly.


I have been back and fourth with this game over the years..the market always frustrates me to no end. With the F2P model you don't hinder anyone from getting the story..which i am surprised cause you put restrictions on everything else, but i wont get into that right now...what about the player who enjoys the cosmetic side of the end game such as myself? why do the cosmetic items cost an arm and a leg?


I don't mean to complain or be negative this is just my opinion. oh and can we please make mounts and cartel gear account wide. Without the nickel and dimming model.. just a thought. It works for other games just saying.. Anyway that is my thoughts on the matter. I am glad i have re-subscribed as always i am really enjoying leveling my alts and the game play/story is always a 10! :) Thanks Bio-ware.

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I don't know about the Cartel Market, but my opinion on the OP is that you need to locate the "enter" key on your keyboard and learn to use paragraphs because I took one look at that giant block of text and my eyes glazed over.


yeah sorry about that i fail at sentence structure i guess. Hope that is better..Thanks for the feed back

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simple solution, never buy packs.


Or buy them, sell them on GTN and use the credits to 100% buy what you want, no gambling involved.


Or get into crafting and skip the CC cost altogether, just use them on appearance changes, account wide unlocks etc.



Yeah this is an Option. My biggest issue here is i feel the packs, and most of everything on the market is so over priced is. Just a suggestion for the suggestion box. Thanks for the feedback i will try these suggestions you have given me :p

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Not a productive reply but good on yah

Very productive because that is the only answer to "Too expensive?" for purely luxury items (and items don't get any more "luxury" than virtual goods in a computer game). Vendors do not lower prices simply because customers ask them to, they lower prices in response to sales numbers they consider too low.

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Ok, now that we have paragraphs...


I disagree that everything is too expensive.

Maybe a few things, but not most things.


There are two things at play when it comes to the Cartel Market:

1) They are all luxury items and (for the most part) purely cosmetic. There is not one single thing in there that's a requirement for playing the game.


2) Cartel prices have to be balanced against the FREE coins that subscribers receive every month.

When it comes right down to it, those coins are essentially a "veteran reward" system.

I'm going to make a comparison to SWG here for the sake of an example.


In SWG, we were given a veteran reward every 3 months.

They were (almost exclusively) decorative items and many of them were kinda lame unless you cared about collecting shinies or reselling them to other players.

You had a very limited selection from which to choose.

You could choose an item from your current reward tier or any tier below it.

In most (but not all) cases, there were 2 reward options for each tier.


To me, that's a 'reasonable' reward system for doing nothing more than paying to play the game.

Every X number of months you get to choose an essentially cosmetic item at no additional cost to you.


Now let's compare that same system to what SWTOR has.

Every month that you're a subscriber, you get a minimum of 500 coins.

So to use the 3-month reward system, that gives you at least 1500 coins to spend on a "veteran reward" of your choice.

You are not limited in what you can pick and you can even forego an item in favor of some utility service like collection unlocks, appearance changes, etc.


So when they set prices for the market, they look at how many months worth of free coins it will take someone to buy any given item.

You will notice that the price point for most new armor items is about 3 months.

Vehicles (more of a prestige item) tend to be higher while emotes and weapons tend to be lower.



So, no, the market prices for most things are set right about where they need to be set.

Because they are luxury items, there is no need to spend a single coin on them.


If you want them for free, all you have to do is keep subscribing.


But wait... they've gone a step further and allowed you to earn everything in the market by doing nothing more than playing the game.

That's right... you can use imaginary money to buy things that other people paid for with actual money.

The only limiting factor at that point is how much imaginary money Player X wants in exchange for the amount of actual money he spent.


In fact, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, I believe the ONLY things you absolutely must spend Cartel Coins on that can't be purchased with imaginary money are server transfers, appearance changes, and Collection unlocks.

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I feel the prices are too high as well.

I only use my CC when there is a bangin' sale as it stands.


I would spend LOTS more money on cartel coins if there were less cost involved.


Will I pay 240cc to unlock a set of vanity gear to my legacy? Hell no, especially not when every toon I create comes with 4 sets of BtL gear.


Would I pay 60cc? Sure, a few quarters to unlock things I already own to legacy sounds much better than a few dollars.


I think that the prices are where they should be for things like cartel market exclusive mounts etc. but asking me to pay 25 dollars to unlock one room in my stronghold is absurd to me.


20 dollars for the entire stronghold unlocked, now we are much closer to getting my money to change hands.


Cartel market needs small tweaks in the right places to support the fact that more sales at less profit = more profit, just keeping in mind not to devalue CM exclusives such as the Carbonate Chamber etc.

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If the regular prices were 20% lower, you'd say the same thing.


That is what my balance of unspent cartel coins from over a year ago has to say, you are right, 20% is not enough off.


250cc pretty much = $2.50


Would you pay $2.50 to unlock a set of vanity gear that you don't need at all, that you already own on another toon?

I wouldn't.


60 cents, and you'll get the "oh what the heck" purchase.

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