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Okay here's the situation in one of my last post some NT how I was removed from the guild, I found the answer of why that happened I was removed from guild but with no reason or explanation



But I have somebody from that guild on my friend lapsed tonight I tried to whisper to them and I get a message saying player not found what does this mean


Up did the player delete their character the person using the character do the delete the character or did they put me on that your list or did they change their character name


And I realize there's nothing I can do about this I'm just asking for a friendly explanation of why this is happening so I can better understand the system thank you very much


And I just wanna know this because I wanna know if from I should still keep this character name in my friend last or should I do read it as wonderful as it is to play star wars the over public and many other games they have system bugs and I wanna know if this is a system of orifices caused by the player them self


So I just wanna know in my arm is your last as the person changed their character name or two they just delete the character


Kind of stupid to delete a character because that character was level 60


Thanks very much I appreciate your answers

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It may be possible the the toon was deleted, there are people who delete even level 60 toons :rolleyes: but the toon disapears from friendlists if you do that. If you were kicked from the guild because it was disbanded, maybe that player is stopping to play swtor once and for all and therefor deletes all this toons. A little bit drastic if you ask me, but i know people who did that in other games. But then, if he is still on your friend list the toon is still there on your server.


Another explanation could be, that you are try to /w a toon that isn't online, you also get the "player not found" message if that is the case.

I should add that the friendlist isn't working properly for quite some time now, friends who are online aren't shown as online and players who did a short login for looking into their bank vault for example, are often still "online", even if they are already on another toon for quite some time.

Try to find that player via "/who playername" to confirm that he is really online and whisper him again.

Another thing is, you can't whisper players of the other faction, but since you were in the same guild, that isn't the cause of your problem, i guess.

Concerning a namechange as far as i know, the name ist changed on every friend oder ignore list too, so that shouldn't be the cause for not finding that player either.

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Updates the situation in the PRC that I was kicked out of the guild because I need to use chat with capital letters to communicate because I'm visually impaired I used to keep a visually impaired notice and asking people to write and For me on the message board



That that I may still need to do that's this is my second account and I will be adding that to my signature at least to let everybody know that you are talking to a visually impaired player thankfully with windows eight I am lucky enough to try to zoom in to expand it the screen when I first started playing star wars the over public I was not able to do that because windows seven did not have the capability but I will be adding that any ways of being visually impaired I am a player for two years and this is my second account as it turns out I did find that player I was looking for but he or she did not write to where I can read it so I had to take snapshots of the image of chat and then I had to send it to a friend for translation I am still waiting on translation if I did translation done before my subscription hands I will post the results of that but basically I have been kicked out of many fields because I am a disabled player in real life I have physical charges not many people face and because of this I need to have people write in capital letters for me in chat I am not yelling that anybody if I was gonna yell at somebody might tax writing would be in read but I never to yell at anybody the only reason for putting capital letters on the screen is because the chat windows tax can only go up to 30% and when you have everything in lowercase it is still too small thanks for your input I appreciate your answer


That if I was not able to zoom in on the screen I would be asking people to write in capital letters for me on the forum at least


That that thanks very much

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