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Rp'er Looking for Active Rp Guild or partner


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Check out members of <Republic SpecForce>, then! Weekly ceremony for public induction is Sunday evening @ 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern at the Fort Garnik speeder taxi on Planet Ord Mantel.


RSF's part of a 6-guild community headed by <THE JEDl ORDER>. While every guild has a single "owner", each guild has it's own leadership.


If you can't wait that long, use /who while you are in-game, and type "SpecForce" into the Search Field. Change the header in the last field to 'Guild', and then also click on the header - this will filter the column for people in guilds with 'SpecForce' in their guild-names, alphabetically by guild-name.


Should tell you ahead of time, though: RSF does have a Red-and-White (or White-and-Red) requirement for your armor, once you're joined!




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