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"Legendary" Items and quest line(s)?


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I vaguely remember a couple "legendary" items when the game first came out. There was a blaster pistol and I believe a barrel. They weren't end game items. I think the Bounty Hunter got their pistol on Hoth. Can't remember where the barrel came from.


Anyway, the blaster pistol has since been changed to an "orange" item and I haven't seen the barrel in at least a couple years.


The only "legendary" items that I personally know of currently in the game is: Crest of the Dread Master


Does anyone know of any other "legendary" items in the game? Or has anyone heard of any plans that more are coming?


I personally don't find Revans Mask cosmetically appealing, at all. But I know a lot of people like it (for whatever reason). So my idea is this:


A legendary quest line that takes you through the history of Revan. You pick up an item after defeating him (solo or in the actual operation). You use it to have visions from Revans past and reenact key events and conversations. Revan is an iconic character with a ton of history, so it could be a rather long quest chain. At the end of the quest chain, you're tasked with defeating Revan again (solo or in the actual operation) and receive a "legendary" version of Revans mask.


The mask could have an "on use" ability, like a relic, that makes you look like a ghostly version of revan for 10 seconds. Or it could have a +10 or +20 all stats, like a datacron. Or it could come with 2 augment slots? Just throwing ideas out there.


It may just be me that likes the long, drawn out, even grindy legendary quest lines. But this should be something that takes a fair amount of time.


Even make it so that the item that drops from Revan that lets you have visions of his past is only usable once a day, or once every few days (like the Nightmare Pilgrim debuff).


I loved the HK-51 quest line, having to go around and actually do stuff to get him. I was kind of disappointed when I found out the LITERALLY just "buy" Treek lol. Hopefully if Bioware does something like this, or even adds a legendary quest line, it'll take some time to complete and won't be over in a day.

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