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Looking for an active friendly Republic guild


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Hi, I've decided to start looking for an active, English speaking, social and helpful guild for my republic characters to call home, I usually like to do leveling and i try and do all the missions (even the heroics) on every planet that i can.

I don't do PVP so ideally i would like to find a PVE centric guild, i also wouldn't mind getting involved in operations and world boss hunts as well as group Flashpoints as i haven't done them very much.

I've got several characters at level 55 already and i am yet to do the new Shadow Of Revan content but i would also like to level up the rest of my lower level characters as well.

I also have a headset with a microphone so i can easily come on voice chat, i have Teamspeak 3, Mumble and Skype all installed if the guild i end up joining has any of them then i don't have a problem joining the voice chat.

So if there are guilds out there that match what i am looking for then i would love to hear from you, post a reply or send me a private message and i'll take it from there.

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