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SSA Recruitment Notice


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The Science and Sorcery Association [sSA]

The Science and Sorcery Association, otherwise known as the "SSA", is a research organization founded by Alvìn. We are a neutral organization with no affiliation to neither the Republic, Empire nor any other factions and have only one goal in mind: The collection, preservation and improvement of knowledge from all ages.


The organization is run mainly by the founder and leader, Alvìn, along with an incomplete council of board members. It is quite small at the moment and is seeking researchers, soldiers and members to help bolster its place in the galaxy.




In-game Faction: Imperial

Guild: Science and Sorcery Association

Leader: Alvìn

Officers: Ivaadi

Role-play: Casual - Medium


We are a relatively small organization seeking new members willing to assist our growth into a fully established RP guild. Presently, active members does not even exceed 3 - 4 and we have a total of 14 members inside including alts. We have a Stronghold on Tatooine but no flagship.


Please send Ivaadi or Alvìn, or any future officer that might be named here, a mail or just post in this thread your in-game name if you are interested. Feel free to ask any questions - I will try to reply.

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