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Shien Form and Unstoppable both need to be given early, around level 25, IMO. Unstoppable was available around level 22 before 3.0 but moved an entire 20+ levels later.


I leveled both a vigilance guardian and a vengeance jugg pre 3.0 and for me a huge part of the fun came in having CC immunity to all the mobs and class story bosses who would blow their CC wad as soon as you leapt to them, when you were immune. My characters already had unstoppable come 3.0, because they had been level capped or close to it before, but in wanting to make the spec more "fun" to level by giving Plasma Brand/Shatter early, Bioware removed the feature of the class that literally defines fun until much later.


Nothing says "feeling epic and powerful" like a boss trying to nutkick you and you just laugh it off and impale him because of your CC immunity. Nothing. There are some talents in the early range that could easily get switched to get Unstoppable back; hell I'd even switch Shatter back up there to where it was to get unstoppable early if I leveled another Jugg.

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